L'Escala is a beautiful seaside town, it's famous for it's fish.

Tehere's the church in Srint Pere frome the xvIII century, there all streets around it, most f them lead to the sea.

The sea is important to all the villages. Les barques beach (antic  port) with El cargol island is perfect to swim whit the family.

Not far from there is port d'en Perris, and a much langer beach at Riells and Empuries beach.

The Empuries beach with el Moll grec and famous cala Mongo, perfect protection with wind tramuntana day,

At la Clota there is the fishmen port, there's an important port for the sport boats.

There's a lot of culture in the village. The most important things are the ruins from the Greek and Roman city from Empuries, the mediaval town of Sant Marti d'Empuries, the cementiri cell, l 'Alfolí de la sàl, can Maranges and  moore.

The most important people are Caterina Alvert i Paradis (Victor Catala) 1869-1966, and important representant for the nature and the modernism of the Catalan Literature.

In short L'Escala and is surrounds and fantastic beach make is a popular resort

We aree only a short distance whit the car from Figueres 25 minuts,  Girona  40 minuts, Barcelona 1h and 10 minuts. 

And is posible take a direct Bus for arrived to Figueres , Girona and Barcelona.

Enjoy you stay.